Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club

Local Trails Maintenance

In addition to our primary mission of maintaining a section of the Appalachian Trail, TATC also assists in the maintenance of several trails in the local Tidewater Area.  Remaining local trail maintenance trips currently scheduled for 2014, include: 

Local Trails Maintenance Schedule

  • 09/06/2014 – First Landing State Park - Diana Ramsey, 619-0540

  • 09/13/2014 – Noland Trail/ Mariner’s Museum Maintenance – Bill Buck, 846-1125

  • 09/13/2014 – Elwood Cemetery Maintenance and Luncheon – Diana Ramsey, 619-0540

  • 09/20/2014 – First Landing State Park - Diana Ramsey, 619-0540

  • 10/05/2014 – New Quarter Park Maintenance – Phyllis Neumann, 566-4584

TATC also holds periodic local trail maintenance trips at the following locations:

  • Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, Virginia.

  • Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve in Portsmouth, Virginia.

  • Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Merchants  Mill Pond State Park in Gatesville, North Carolina.

  • York River State Park near Croaker, Virginia

  • Fisherman’s Island National Wildlife Refuge on Virginia's Eastern Shore

  • Noland Trail in Newport News, Virginia

  • Newport News Park in Newport News, Virginia

Trail maintenance may include weed cutting, brush and tree trimming, removal of small blown down trees, painting of trailblazes, trail building, and clearing ice/snow/hurricane storm damage.  Other special projects may be performed such as building/repairing: benches; water bars; foot bridges; and other structures.

Tools are provided.  But if you have your own favorites, by all means bring them.  And please remember to bring work gloves.

Remember, if you participate in local trail work; bring your water, first aid kit, lunch, rain gear, insect repellent, sun tan lotion, camera, and everything else you need for your health, enjoyment, and safety.  Refer to the TATC Education Handouts titled “DAY PACK - SUGGESTED CONTENTS”, “FIRST AID - AN INTRODUCTION,” “FIRST AID KIT,” and “WATER - THE BASIC ESSENTIALS.”

Please remember, as in all of TATC’s trail maintenance events; “SAFETY COMES FIRST!”

Safety is no accident.

To sign up for a TATC activity , contact the Activity Leader listed in the bi-monthly TATC newsletter, “The Appalachian Hiker”, or on this web site;  www.tidewateratc.com.  (click on SCHEDULE), or sign the ACTIVITY SIGN UP sheet at a TATC meeting. 

ACTIVITY SIGN UP sheets, used for all TATC activities, are available from the Vice President/Hikemaster, or at the following link; "Activity Sign-Up"   Refer to the TATC Education Handout titled: “ACTIVITY SIGN UP SHEET INFORMATION" for more information on activity sign-up.

After signing on, if you find you cannot make a specific trip, please be considerate and contact the Activity Leader and cancel so that another person may take your place.