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Cabin Maintenance & Orientation Trip

  • 22 Sep 2023
  • 24 Sep 2023
  • White Rock Falls Trailhead

TATC Douglas Putman Memorial Cabin Maintenance & Orientation Trip.  

Friday, September 22, thru Sunday, September 24, 2023.  This is the 3 of 4 annual trips to do maintenance work and to provide orientation to members so that they can be qualified to rent the cabin.  Primary task will be to replace the firewood box.  Additional tasks will include repairing window screens, inventory non-perishable foods and cleaning supplies, wash and season cast-iron pans, and other housekeeping tasks.  Depending on participation size and skillsets, the falling of dead trees to be used for firewood is possible.  The final maintenance trip is scheduled for Veterans Day weekend, November 10th thru 12th, 2023.  This is the annual firewood cutting and stacking trip.  

If you have questions or want to participate, please contact trip leader, Gregory Hodges, at or at (757) 439-1552.  Call or text is fine.

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