TATC Cabin Photos

Literally thousands of photographs have been taken of the Douglas Putman Cabin over the years.

A couple of hundred club members were fortunate enough to have been there for at least some of the construction effort and camaraderie.

All of us are lucky, and glad, that a few of them took the time to document the work that was done, the people that did it. 

Spanning 34 years of cabin and club history, here are 138 photographs for you to enjoy, share, and cherish; explore, re-live, and remember.

Not everyone's photograph is here (approximately 107 cabin workers are identified in these pictures; about a dozen members appear but couldn't be identified), just as all the various jobs come nowhere near being documented-- both would be all but impossible.

By far, Margaret Crate is the principle photographer here, especially of the early years of construction.  Though she and her late husband Harold slipped away now and then for a month or two's vacation, their dedication and attendance record on the work trips was nothing less than exceptional. 

Coming in a distant 2nd is Bob Adkisson (most of his photos are more recent, or of Margaret!).

Some of these photos are by Reese Lukei (including some of Margaret);  he donated many of his photographs to Margaret for her collection and files (she was also Club Historian for a few years).

It is often hard to tell, or remember, who took which picture.   But then, that hardly matters.

What matters is the cabin itself:  the fun we had building it, the joy we take sharing it;  the memories and the commitment and the pride of accomplishment;  the snowflakes and the sunsets, the butterflies and the flowers;  walking down that path and seeing it, just up ahead......


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