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Index of Educational Handouts

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Activity Leader Pocket Guide

Activity Sign Up Form

Activity Sign Up Information

Guidelines for Participation by Minors

Activity Leadership Guide

After Returning Home

A.T. Distances and Elevations

Backpack Problem - Children's Book Bags

Backpacking - An Introductory Overview


Bear Bagging

Black Bear News - Read and Heed (Please)

Camp Lights

Daypack - Suggested Contents

Emergency Data Form - Blank

Emergency Data Form - Information

First Aid - An Introduction

First Aid Kit

Forgot Anything List

Hiking with a Dog - including: De-Skunking and Giardia

Information Tidbits

Leadership Styles

Leave no Trace - Booklet

Local Trails

Lyme Disease and Related Information

Trail Maintenance - Booklet

Outings with TATC

Preparing for and during the Winter Season

Search and Rescue - A Broken Foot and Rescue

Search and Rescue - Mau-Har Trail

Scheduling your Activity - Activities Schedule, Newsletter, Web Site

Sharing and being Observant

Sleeping Pads

Survival and Repair Items - fix - reconvert

TATC Crew Briefing Booklet

TATC A.T. Section - Trail Heads, Marshaling Areas, and Landmarks

TATC A.T. Section - Sketch Map (Bitmap)

Trail Maintenance - An A.T. Overview

Trail Maintenance - Common A.T. Chores

Trail Maintenance - Philosophy

Trinks for Outdoor Leaders - Formulas, Hints, and Healthy Calculations

Water - The Basic Essentials

Water Treatment Equipment Data

Weather Radio

Site Map

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