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TATC's 50th Anniversary - Planning Committee

2 Jun 2021 9:39 PM | Anonymous

TATC's 50th Anniversary

Did you know the year 2022 is a big deal?  

Yes, it was the first year of the British Society for Mathematics.  

Also, it is the 50th anniversary of TATC’s founding in 1972!!

So, we plan to celebrate this important milestone with an event, and we need help to plan it, to organize it and to “git ‘er done.”

This message is from Steve Clayton and I will be the chair of a committee to do this, but we need a handful of members to be on the committee to help with establishing a date, a venue, publicity, a program, food, etc.  The Board is looking to this committee to make recommendations on these things, along with a budget.  I think it would be great to have a mix of new and old members.  No experience with events like this is necessary – only the commitment and enthusiasm to help.

To start, I anticipate a few Zoom meetings, beginning soon, followed by less frequent meetings as we get things decided and approved.  

Will you join me in support of this great TATC endeavor?  If you can serve on the planning committee or have questions or ideas, please contact me at: secretary@tidewateratc.com


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