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Pete Burch's Trail Maintenance Report

18 Jun 2021 7:16 PM | Anonymous
Had a super Trail work trip these past two days.  Completed a ton of work as per attached work report.  Excellent weather with warm campfires each night at our base camp at Sherando Lake.  Essentially, we completed trail maintenance and trimming on the AT from Reeds Gap to Maupin Field.  Heavy growth in the Reeds Gap field area and on top of Meadow Mountain.  Also heavy growth among the camp sites in the Maupin Field area. We also completed trimming out the FS road from Love Gap to Maupin field (30 total man hours) which also had heavy growth.  It looks that the area has been getting quite a bit of rain, some apparently heavy.

I will scan and send on the TATC Activity Sign Up sheet documents when I get back home and have access to a scanner.  Participants were Jim Newman (section leader for Reeds Gap to Maupin Field) and Milton 

Beale.  The Forest Service provided String Trimmers, Chain Saw, and Self Propelled Lawn mower, and camping at CCC Kitchen.

Milton and I plan to stay on at Sherando to help with a major project at the lower lake beach area tomorrow.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Peter Burch

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