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Additional USFS Sawyer Extension - through Dec 31, 2022

5 Oct 2021 10:31 AM | Anonymous

Hi folks,


As the current USFS certified sawyer extension gets close to its end (Oct 8), the USFS has signed another to extend current certifications through Dec 31, 2022. That interim directive is attached. All certifications are extended through the end of December of 2022.


Thanks to those of you who’ve been able to participate in a chainsaw recertification day – these one-day refreshers are a good chance to brush up on safety, best practices, get some pointers, and maybe learn something new. For those of you who’s original certification has expired, but are certified under the USFS extension – we’ll continue to try to get you recertified.


On the crosscut side, we’re close to having a GW-Jeff agreement in place that would allow C-level sawyers to instruct and evaluate A/B sawyers, with USFS district rangers signing cards. Once the agreements are signed our C-crosscut sawyers, along with ATC staff, will be reaching out to schedule one-day crosscut recertifications.


It's been two years since we’ve had a new sawyer two-day course, we’ll try our best to arrange some of those next spring.


Please share with your volunteers and certified sawyers. Let me know if you’ve got any questions.

Josh Kloehn

Trail Operations Manager - South

Appalachian Trail Conservancy


Office: 540.904.4391

Cell: 406.860.8371


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