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TATC General Membership Meeting & Silent Auction

  • 13 Nov 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • 111 W Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503
TATC General Membership Meeting & Silent Auction 

When: Wednesday, November 13, 2019  7pm – 9pm

Where: Norfolk Public Library: Mary D Pretlow Anchor Branch, 111 W Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503, USA (map)

Contact: Rosa​nne Scott president@tidew​ateratc.com

Description: Prog​ram: Silent Auction
New for this Year: The ‘Dollar ($) Table’ – place small items on the Dollar Table that you want sold for one dollar ($1.00). After the auction begins; if a person wants an item, they just place a dollar in the Cookie Jar on the table, and then can pick up the item right afterwards, no need to wait for the end of the auction! This is a great way to donate those small items (pins, magnets, patches, etc., etc.), for which it would be too much trouble to list on a bid sheet.

TATC’s 11th annual silent auction will be held during the membership meeting. We are asking members to donate their Time, Talent or Treasures that can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. When you are shopping, on vacation, cleaning out your garage, upgrading your gear, or practicing your creative talents, please keep the TATC silent auction in mind. Bring your items to the auction and with your help, TATC will again present a wide selection of auction items.

Our annual silent auction helps us support Pretlow Library by providing the funds for our yearly donation. It also helps to assist our endeavors in the local community through our volunteer work in local city, county and state parks. Local outfitters are donating not-to-be missed items for bid! And we encourage you to donate good stuff too. Suggestions are food items, gift baskets, gift certificates and gently used items - REMEMBER - one person’s junk may just be junk.

See https://tatc.wi​ldapricot.org/r​esources/Docume​nts/Bid_Sheet_2​019.pdf to print out a bid sheet to accompany your item.
Auction Rules: https://tatc.wi​ldapricot.org/r​esources/Docume​nts/Auction_Rul​es_2019.pdf

For more information, contact Jim Sexton at webmaster@tidew​ateratc.com

Some suggestions for auction items are listed below:
New or Gently Used Items: (CD’s and DVD’s; audio books on CD; hiking/camping gear; one-size-fits-a​ll clothing; books; wine). Be sure your used item is in excellent condition and has value.

Donations​: Ask people you know or retailers and restaurants to donate an item of interest such as gift certificates or a specialty item. Necessary letters and tax information are available.

Servi​ces Provided by You: Babysitting, pet sitting, car washing, lawn mowing, photography, or tax preparation, just to name a few.

Miscellaneo​us ideas:
Do you have your own business? Offer free goods or services.
Do you have a special talent? Give a ‘lesson’ to someone or a group.
Are you crafty? Make something to donate to the auction.
Can you bake/cook? Make pie or a basket of baked goodies and treats.
Artwork – paintings, photos, ceramics, etc.

Furniture (small items) – side tables, tray tables, lamps, stools, chairs, etc.

Electronics - (in working condition) – radios, cameras, laptops, etc.

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